2017 Partners

photography & Media

Jason Scheiding is the official photographer of Defiant Racing. When not  working with Defiant Racing he can be found racing for and managing the Fast Line Racing Professional Enduro Team. Jason is an absolute shredder and a mainstay on the East Coast MTB race scene. He is a regular contributor to Pinkbike.com, RootsandRain.com, and the Eastern States Cup. Check some of his work out at: Jason Scheiding Photo

Fitness and training

Support Staff - Managers

About defiant racing 

Three former downhill racers manage the teams affairs and athletes. Joey Palmer, John Rowan, and Nelson Maldonado lead the management team. Defiant Racing is fortunate to have the mechanical expertise of Jim Sylvestri supporting the team at North American events. As former racers and avid riders, all of our team managers are passionate about helping our riders succeed and reach their potential and goals.

Defiant Racing started in 2013 as a fireside idea between friends and racers. Today Defiant Racing is an officially recognized UCI (Official International Governing Body for Cycling) Team as well as a specialty sports marketing media company focused on identifying, developing and supporting high level talent through strategic relationships within the downhill and enduro genres of cycling. In addition to having extraordinary athletic ability, our talented athletes are the epitome of determination, focus and respect that perfectly align with the aspirational facet of our partners marketing goals.


Defiant Racing is proud to have KS Fitness as our official fitness and strength training provider. KS Fitness offers comprehensive training programs that are designed specifically to help downhill and enduro riders build strength, conditioning, and explosive power unique to our sport. Defiant Racing is excited to be working with KS Fitness to help our riders reach their fitness and strength goals. KS Fitness owner, Kent Sammons is an avid mountain biker and competes in the Eastern States Cup Enduro Series. To schedule your fitness consultation please visit his ​facebook page or website